Reiseadapter TA-105 – Ihr Reisebegleiter

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  • Globale Kompatibilität : Der All-in-One-Adapter umfasst 4 verschiedene Stecker, die sich an über 200 Länder und Regionen anpassen.
  • Vielseitiges Aufladen : Verabschieden Sie sich von Kabelsalat und begrenzten Steckdosen. Mit unserem Adapter können Sie bis zu 6 Geräte gleichzeitig aufladen.
  • Kundenvertrauen : Über 1 Million zufriedene Kunden und empfohlen von über 20 großen Medienunternehmen und über 10.000 5-Sterne-Bewertungen.
  • Sicherheit : Dieser Reiseadapter ist mit einer integrierten 8-A-Sicherung, Sicherheitsverschlüssen und einem Steckerverriegelungssystem ausgestattet. Darüber hinaus ist es nach RoHS, CE und FCC zertifiziert, was seine Sicherheit und Zuverlässigkeit gewährleistet.

Unser Adapter wandelt KEINE Spannung um. Sie müssen sicherstellen, dass das mit Wechselstrom betriebene Gerät, das Sie im Ausland verwenden möchten, Dual-Spannung unterstützt (mit den aufgedruckten Spezifikationen „100–240 V, 50/60 Hz“).

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What a wonderful adapter!

I wish I had purchased a complete set with my original one for Great Britain. I have had several chargers for my many years of travel, but this is the best one of them all. I know I can purchase ones needed additionally if I need more.Thanks!

TA-105 Universal Travel Adapter
Janet L. (Jan) Madigan
Universal travel adapter

Compact and effective for world travel. It’s working perfectly in Italy

Useful product

I love that you can use this adapter at home to charge several items at a time. Sometimes we have 3 or 4 of our electronics to charge and not enough room so the Epicka adapter helps with this issue since you can charge 4 items at a time. It's small and compact so it's saves space. Great to take on trips. This is a very useful product!

Super compact & useful

LOVE that this adapter is super compact and has everything you need! My last adapter was super bulky and hard to pack. This one is way nicer!

Seems great, looking forward to using abroad!

Received this to test out, while I do not have any abroad trips at the moment, I am excited to test it out in another two months. I like how small and compact the adapter is. It also came with a very nice little carrying case to make it more compartmentalized. I think it would've been smart to make a case that included a pocket or sections for fastening cords. Also, there isn't a built-in converter, so the adapter isn't truly universal, but maybe it will be in the future!

Product Review

We absolutely loved our epicka charger, it’s easy to travel with and works great.

Compact. Versatile. Intuitive.

I received adapters for free to try in exchange for my honest review from @epickatech @trayzon. These adaptors work in over 200 countries and make traveling a breeze. No need to worry about being able to charge your electronics while on the go. I also use it while at home to charge multiple devices with one outlet. As someone who is constantly on the go, I don't need to worry about bringing 4 charging cubes for all of my electronics.

Great Compact Adapter

This is a great adapter! It’s very compacted and has a cute little caring case. I love that you can take it to 200+ well pretty much everywhere! I love the four USB ports. I use it right next to my bedside! This is a great adapter you will love it!

A Travel Must!1

This adapter has been great to use at the office, with the availability to allow me to charge all of my devices! I will be traveling out of the U.S. in a few months and I am excited to be able to have a reliable adapter to take with me.

Useful, even when at home!

My husband and I have a few trips planned this summer, but I was excited to realize I could still use this while at home to get every day use out of it. The 4 USB ports at the bottom and the USB-C port on the side save me so much space near my bedside table. I also love that this is cruise friendly so I don’t have to worry about having one confiscated at the port again, lol.

Great adapters!

I received adapters for free to try in exchange for my honest review from @epickatech @trayzon. The adapters are easy to use and can plug in multiple devices. I like the locking ability and usable it is for many locations. Totally recommend this product!

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A Travel MUST!

I am in absolute awe of this product! We had an emergency for our son to get to a different state for treatments so our party didn't go as planned so we made the most of it and Epicka partied with us as a family from Arkansas to California! We love this adapter and the many options it has! Also great for when my husband travels out of the country for military purposes! Highly recommend! #epicka #tryazon #travel #epickapassport

Absolute must have's!

Testing out the awesome products I received for free in leu of my honest review sponsored by EPICKA.
Let me tell you, these travel adapters are awesome! Not only are we set up to adapt our power needs in 100's of countries, but able to use them right here in the US.
With the ability to plug in several devices all at once. These are a must have for your travel needs!

#tryazon #epicka #epickaPassport #traveladapter

@epickatech @trayzon

Great travel accessory

Epicka gifted me this travel adapter and I just want to say it is such a great travel accessory. I look forward to using it during my travels. Only downfall is that it doesn't covert the power, so be sure to check the warnings on the adapter and your devices.

Perfect for travel

This is perfect for traveling overseas. It’s compact and it has multiple country availability. No need to change to different ones. This one does it all. Love the little carrying case it comes with

An adapter for all your travel needs!

Love that this travel adapter can do it all! It also has a handy case to keep it safe during travel. Love all the USB charging options as well!

Great product

This is a great product with a nice storage bag to make it easy to travel with. If you are traveling to other countrues, you need this.

Best product ever

I cannot wait to travel the world and not have to worry about several outlets. I love that it can charge up to 6 devices leaving me safely around new countries!

Great Find

This is such a convenient and cost friendly travel must! Instead of buying tons of different adapters, I’m able to use one singular item. Everyone thinks I’m so tech savvy now!

Super convenient!

Love this all in 1 adapter! I don’t have to worry about getting new ones now whenever I travel. As a travel enthusiast this is definitely handy to have. Love the compact design and cute storage pouch too. The manual is really helpful to see which countries this is compatible with, and which type of plug! Another bonus is the cute pink color. Love it!


In 2009 I went to London, and forgot to purchase an adapter before leaving. It’s the first thing on my check list when planning a trip abroad. My family agrees! Even my sister who owns a business was ecstatic to get one! I am happy this product is diverse for different counties allowing it to have many uses.

High quality and compact! The EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter is the only adapter you will need unless you have a teen then buy two because they will borrow it. This adapter works in pretty much every country. It lets you charge devices for the whole family safely. I like that it is truly light, compact and has a storage case too.

Only Adapter You Will Need.

The EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter is the last adapter you will have to purchase. This adapters works in 200 countries, you can charge up to 6 devices at a time, it is compact and comes in a carrier case.

You need this!

I am so excited to have one port for all my charging needs. I usually just pack with a carryon so this is going to help me pack a little lighter for my next trip! The price is very reasonable to for what you are getting!!

Super compact and versatile

I travel a lot internationally for work and I really appreciate how many items I can plug into this one adapter. I used to pack 3 individual adapters with me - but not anymore! And I love the little case it came in too!