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TA-105C Universal Travel Adapter

Future-proof with 3 USB-C ports.

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Power in Your Pocket

Our innovative pocket-sized portable travel adapter. Same versatility, smaller size.

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Single Plug Series

Innovative travel adapters tailored for specific countries' journeys.

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TA-105 Max GaN 75W Fast Charging

All ports are support fast charging can charge up to 6 devices simultaneously at high speed.

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Customer Reviews


Tiny and Mighty

I have used this adapter on 3 trips now to 3 different countries. This works perfectly!!! I am able to charge a multitude of devices on it and it's extremely compact. This helps with doing work/schoolwork on the go. This is one of the best adapters and many people ask me to send them the link as it triumphs the power of their cubes with its versatile outlets. Stop reading reviews and just buy this!


It works in more places than you might think

I've owned this adapter for over three years now. In that time, I've traveled to Chile, Argentina, the UK, and Australia.This adapter has worked in all of these locales without an issue. The USB-A outlets allow me to use it on my domestic travels as well inside the US. I would highly recommend it.


Extremely useful

We travel a lot, for work and for pleasure.This thing is great in all senses. It has worked for us in many countries (I've used it in 23 different countries so far) and has yet to fail me.The added bonus is that I have used it to charge my phone in flight. I highly recommend it.


Great for travel

This little plug adapter was perfect for some international travel. What was also extremely helpful was the multiple USB outlets on the bottom. So many places still don't have outlets for charging. So this gadget not only helped abroad, but I'll most likely bring it on domestic travel just to have those multiple USB charging spots.



Last minute I realized I needed a converter. Luckily this was delivered in one day! It works perfectly! Up to 4 devices. More than enough and not a kit of plugs like most. This is one piece and just push the button for the country you are in!Thank you so much for this!!!