A Celebration of Travel and Family Fun

We are ecstatic to announce our latest event, bringing you the spectacular Epicka Travel Adventures parties. This May, 2024, we invited 50 families to join us for a celebration of travel, technology, and togetherness, creating unforgettable experiences along the way.

Party Topic: Epicka Summer Travel Adventure

Traveling abroad this summer? Don’t forget your travel adapter for all your devices. Make sure you get a good quality one.  For those magical days, our hosts transformed their homes into epicenters of travel excitement. 

With frequent travelers, friends, and families on the go, our parties became a hub for sharing stories, discovering new products, and connecting with fellow travel enthusiasts. The Epicka Travel Adventures theme inspired creativity and joy, making each gathering a unique celebration of wanderlust and innovation. Check some forgettable memories below:

 “We recently had a fun Tryazon party and I got to share these with a small group of friends while we caught up with some snacks and cocktails. We love to travel. Good adapters are an essential. I like the EPICKA brand because I know I can count on it. EPICKA is a true passport to a world of adventure and discovery. They stay true to the mission to help travelers stay reliably connected anywhere in the world. EPICKA has high-quality, reliable travel adapters & other electronic accessories that make it easy to travel minus the worry about power issues.”  -- @glamamama1

 “What a journey we had on “Sunday learning about the EPIKA travel adaptor. Thankfully we ALL could use a nice vacation, and traveling overseas has been on the TO DO list for a few years now. Each couple/family was able to leave with their own travel adaptor (this is a MUST when traveling abroad. I learned my lesson in London back in 2009.)”  -- @living_improv

Unveiling the Ultimate Party Pack

Compared to the first travel party held last year, this time Epicka's specially curated party packs were a hit, featuring everything needed for a perfect Epicka experience:

  • Epicka Universal Travel Adapter: Each family received at least three Epicka 105 or 105C adapters in different colors. Most party hosts already have learned about the product from the Epicka website and social media. They showed the product itself like a magic cube and invited their guest to experience the product in their palm.
  • Customized Epicka Passport and Country Stickers: Children especially loved these! They used the brand-new country stickers to document their travels on the Epicka passport, creating personalized travel records that fueled their imagination and sense of adventure. 
  • Personalized Yeti Cups: Some host received a customized Yeti cup as a bonus, adding a touch of personalization and practicality to their travel gear. 

Capturing the Magic

From travel journey parties to cozy gatherings, the creativity of our hosts knew no bounds. We saw amazing party ideas, delicious food spreads, and an abundance of smiles. For example, one travel host recorded a fun video with her friends at a hotel. The video not only demonstrates the importance of the product while traveling but also showcases the creativity and joy of her travel companions. Whether preparing for a family trip or simply powering devices at home, the adapter proved to be a very functional gadget. Their stories highlighted the adapter’s versatility and reliability, making it clear why Epicka products are a must-have for any traveler.

Stay Connected

The excitement doesn’t end here! Follow us on Instagram at @epickatech for more updates, stories, and photos from our Epicka Travel Adventures. Share your experiences, connect with other travel enthusiasts, and continue to explore the world with Epicka.

A heartfelt thank you to all the families who participated and made this event a resounding success. We look forward to many more adventures together, celebrating the spirit of travel.