Epicka at the 51st International Emmy Awards

Location: NY, USA
Time: November 21, 2023
Small in size, big in possibilities - the Epicka travel adapter recently made waves at the prestigious 51st International Emmy Awards held in the heart of New York City. This remarkable event showcased the best in global television and marked a significant moment for Epicka as it became a part of an exclusive gift for all the talented presenters. Join us as we unravel the global connections that Epicka forged at the International Emmy Awards.
Epicka's Journey Through the Emmys
Epicka proudly presented 105Max and 105C innovative travel adapters at the 51st International Emmy Awards, an event celebrating outstanding achievements in the worldwide television industry. Global guests were pleasantly surprised that their exclusive gift package included the Epicka travel adapter as a travel essential. Small, sleek, and immensely practical, the Epicka travel adapter stands out as the perfect travel companion for the international jet-setter.
Epicka at the After-Party
The Epicka team was not merely a spectator at the International Emmy Awards; they were active participants throughout the event. As the sponsor of Emmy's after-party, the team also had the opportunity to mingle with celebrities, travelers and industry professionals, forming connections because of similar travel experiences. Attendees were intrigued by the compact design and versatility of the travel adapter and were delighted to receive it as a complimentary gift. Epicka became the night's talk, and guests left the party with a valuable and practical token to accompany them on their future journeys. 


Customized Editions for Emmy Winners
A highlight of the event was the release of customized editions of the Epicka travel adapter for Emmy winners. This unique touch added an extra layer of prestige to an already distinguished award. Now, not only will these winners cherish their Emmy, but they'll also carry a piece of Epicka with them on every adventure. If you are interested in doing a customization, feel free to contact Epicka from the website.

Epicka - your best travel companion!
The 51st International Emmy Awards was a night of recognition for television excellence and a momentous occasion for Epicka as the travel adapter takes its place as a sought-after gift among the global elite. Epicka encourages everyone to share their travel experiences with the Epicka travel adapter. Whether you are a seasoned globetrotter or a first-time explorer, Epicka wants to be a part of your journey. Share your travel stories and pictures on Instagram with #EpickaPassport, and let us know how Epicka has enhanced your journey.

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