Epicka's Popular Adapter at Travel Agent Forum


Epicka, a leading provider of innovative travel accessories, recently took center stage at the prestigious Travel Agent Forum. Held from March 26-27th, this event provided a platform for Epicka to present its highly acclaimed travel adapter to a diverse audience of travel agents. The Epicka travel adapter received widespread recognition and praise from attendees who deemed it indispensable for both their personal travels and for catering to their clients' needs.

At the Travel Agent Forum, Epicka capitalized on a myriad of engagement opportunities. From face-to-face interactions on the bustling exhibiting floor to careful product presentations, Epicka showcased its versatile travel adapter to eager travel agents. Additionally, those meetings allowed Epicka to forge valuable connections and partnerships with industry insiders.


Epicka was delighted to connect with top sellers from the esteemed Travel Agent SELECT recognition program. These select individuals, renowned for their impressive sales prowess, immediately recognized the value of Epicka's travel adapter as an essential accessory for their discerning clientele. They seek practical and innovative products, making Epicka's customization options particularly appealing for agents aiming to offer perfect gifts to their clients.

Epicka also distributed 105 and 105 samples at the venue, offering travel agents the opportunity to experience the adapter firsthand, both at home and abroad. Some agents are drawn to different color options, while others are enticed by the variety of charging selections available. Already, some of them have enthusiastically recommended the product online to their friends and clients, further amplifying its reputation and appeal.


The Travel Agent Forum provided Epicka with an unparalleled platform to showcase its popular travel adapter and connect with a diverse array of travel agents. With rave reviews and enthusiastic feedback from attendees, Epicka continues to solidify its reputation as a go-to provider of innovative travel solutions. As the travel industry evolves, Epicka remains committed to delivering products that enhance the travel experience for both agents and travelers alike.