EPICKA Pet Fountain Filters, Carbon Replacement Filter for 67oz/2L Automatic Pet Fountain Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser, Compatible with Pijaya Cat Fountain, Pack of 6 (Pack of 6)

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Size: 4.9 x 0.3 inch. This replacement cat fountain filter is completely compatible with most cat fountains, such as EPICKA, Pijaya, Toozey, Wonder Creature, Comsmart, YOUTHINK, MOSPRO, HOMMII, ISYOUNG, KOALAD, HAPPYPAPA, PEDY automatic Flower Fountains. ATTENTION: Not Fit for Catit Fountain.

Purifying Performance
Made of Activated Carbon + Lon Exchange Resin and Fiber PP Cotton material, help to remove impurities in water and minimize the threat of parasites, improve the taste of the water to encourage pets to drink more and stay healthy.

Efficient Premium Cat Fountain Filters
Soften the Tap Water and Remove Odors, Keep the Water Tasting Fresh- The triple action filter contain 3 different compartments: the ion exchange resin softens the tap water, the activated carbon removes the odors and the cotton mesh filters out any sediments the tap water might have.

Before Using and Replace frequency
6 Pack, please rinse the replacement filters with water thoroughly before use to remove any excess or loose charcoal dust. Replace the filters within one to two weeks, thus you are able to save money while taking good care of your cat,replace more frequently with multiple pets using

30 DAYS MONEY BACK guarantee of EPICKA Filters. If you are not completely satisfied with the Cat Fountain Filters you received, please feel free to contact us for 30 days money back or free exchange.

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